Top 7 New York City Restaurants to Try This Month

Posted May 14th, 2019 by Leslie Garfield Team

With more than 24,000 restaurants in Manhattan alone, New York has enough bistros, cafes, Michelin-starred eateries and holes-in-the-wall to give ambitious foodies something new to try every single day for more than 60 years.

But for many New Yorkers, the dream dining experience isn't so much about "trying it all" as it is finding a few favorites where you want to try the whole menu. A good “local” can make a neighborhood feel like home, and the waitstaff like family. We've pulled together 7 restaurants in our favorite neighborhoods, with a home on the market within strolling distance. Want to know more about a neighborhood? Ask our agents!

Upper East Side

Nica Trattoria

This cash-only, slightly out-of-the-way neighborhood spot may not attract tourists, but that’s exactly what has made it an Upper East Side institution. By your third meal, you’ll probably know the owner -- and if you’ve taken his recommendation, you’ll have tried the gnocchi.

Steps away: 550 East 87th Street

Steps away: 50 East 81st Street

Upper West Side

Oxbow Tavern

Oxbow Tavern's creative takes on comfort foods like crispy fried chicken and deviled eggs have put this cozy spot near the top of every list debating the Upper West Side’s best restaurants, and for the East Coast halibut alone, we’re calling it the one to try right now.

Steps away: 42 West 70th Street


Charles' Country Pan Fried Chicken

A soul food haven launched from chef Charles Gabriel’s home, this food-truck-phenom turned Harlem hot spot ranks no. 2 on Eater’s list of Top 38 restaurants to try, and as the New York Times reveals, draws some A-list diners you'll surely recognize. For those who live in the area, it's the only place for real, Southern-fried chicken.

Steps away: 266 West 132nd Street

Midtown East

Dai Hachi Sushi

If you didn’t live in Sutton Place, you might never stumble upon this little spot -- one of the rare places where the sushi tastes as good delivered as it does in the restaurant. (Although with warm hand towels and smiling waitstaff, it's also a nice place to sit down after a stroll by the river.) Locals recommend the panda roll and chicken teriyaki. We also recommend La Bernardin, featured in The Exploreist's list of Top 25 Restaurants in NYC.

Steps away: 31 Sutton Place

West Village

Via Carota

This Tuscan restaurant by chefs Rita Sodi and Jody Williams draws Villagers with its rustic fare and authentic ambience. Although the tiny place doesn’t accept reservations, they’re open late -- and many West Village locals find themselves in the outdoor garden.

Steps away: 150 West 11th Street

East Village

Momofuku Ssäm Bar

A New York staple, Momofuku is a foodie’s kind of place, where diners can expect that their avocado toast come with rotisserie duck. Group-friendly with endless variety, it’s the ideal "local" for a never-boring brunch.

Steps away: 425 East 13th Street, # 5C

Cobble Hill

La Vara

Like most great things about Cobble Hill, this Eater-recommended Iberian spot sits on a sleepy, tree-lined street lined with classic brownstones. This is a place where you can take the kids, then head to Cobble Hill Park, located just across the street.

Steps away: 301 DeGraw Street