How To Survive House Hunting With Kids!

Posted August 25th, 2016 by Gian Mitchell

So you're about to embark on the long and tiring journey of finding a new home. The process can be difficult and frustrating for many, even more so for people house hunting with children. To ensure the best experience for you and your kiddos, here are a few tips that will make your life a lot easier (and hopefully filled with less distractions):

1) Take advantage of Netflix! Having your kids distracted by watching their favorite show on your phone or tablet will make child and parents alike happy. Our personal favorite? Little Einsteins of course!

2) Make a game of your tours! Setting up questions on the car ride back will keep your child engaged and involved in the search.

3) Set aside time to check out local attractions for the neighborhood you're visiting. Moves are always tough, especially on children. Taking time to check out local areas of interest will help ease a potential move.

4) Make sure your children don't wonder around unsupervised! Your home may be childproof, but the one you're visiting may not be.

5) Try not bringing them! Your time should be spent on looking at the entire property thoroughly and asking every question you may have rather than making sure your children are properly entertained.

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