A Manhattan native, Mr. Pretsfelder joined Leslie J. Garfield in 2002 as a Managing Director overseeing the firm’s Upper West Side business. In 2005, he was named Partner and his responsibilities expanded to include management of the firm's marketing and operations. He is responsible for the sale of over 150 residential, commercial and institutional townhouse properties, including the sale of the most expensive townhouse on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in 2008, 2011, 2014, and 2018. Prior to joining Leslie J. Garfield, Mr. Pretsfelder was a Group Vice President at Winstar Communications, where he founded and ran, a small business portal owned in conjunction with CBS, Inc. His position at Winstar followed stints as an executive at CBS, Inc., and as Budget Director of the Massachusetts Senate Committee On Ways and Means, where he oversaw creation of the state's $15 billion annual operating budget. Mr. Pretsfelder holds a Masters in Business Administration from Columbia Business School, a BA from Tufts University, and is a graduate of Horace Mann School. He lives in Manhattan with his wife Liliana, an attorney, and his two children.

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